First Visit

Cost of treatment

Cost of Physiotherapy treatment

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Initial Assessment
On your first visit we will conduct an initial consultation. We will carry out a thorough assessment which includes a detailed history of the problem and how it affects you as well as a physical assessment of the problem area and the surrounding joints.

To provide an accurate diagnosis, you will most certainly need to undress so please bring appropriate clothing, for example shorts if you have a knee problem.

The amount of treatments will depend on the severity of your condition and commitment towards your exercise programmes.

To help you get better from day one, we include some treatment time in the initial visit.
We will give you an indication of the number of treatments needed to get you back to your fit stage.

Our motto is to get you better and keep you fitter than you were before your injury or operation.

As we are based in prestigious London gyms and have access to state of the art fitness equipment this enables us to incorporate exercise programmes.

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