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To help get you back to full recovery, we have a variety of methods and treatment that we can use depending on their appropriateness. These include:


Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy is the holistic treatment of movement and function of the human body to as near normal as possible following injury, illness or disability. Your physiotherapist will provide advice about your injury and how to care for it, both in and outside of the clinic.

Sports Physiotherapy – The Urban Physio therapists pride themselves in accurate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injuries. The therapists in the clinics will work closely alongside you to get you back to your sports whether at amateur or elite levels. Clients are also given fitness advice and ways to enhance their performance through strength and conditioning whether their sports are running, tennis, hockey or climbing.

Soft Tissue Release – like all other forms of physiotherapy, soft tissue releasing is seldom done alone. Releasing of tissues is essential to improve the range of movement a joint has, but is frequently used in conjunction with other techniques to maintain and further improve movement and pain.

Acupuncture – Acupuncture is a 2000 year old healthcare models originating from the Far East. It is believed that perfect harmony of the body depends on the Ying and Yang. Acupuncture aims to restore imbalance and wellbeing of both the mental and physical state of the body by stimulating the flow of Qi.

All therapists at Urban Physio are members of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP), please see their website for further information: www.aacp.org.uk

Cupping – Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique used to release tension and improve the flow of Qi (energy) along the meridiens and channels of the body as well as improving blood and lymph vessels drainage using a small vacuum placed on the surface of the skin for short durations. Cupping has proved popular with celebrities such as Gwenth Paltrow who have been seen regularly with the cupping trademarks.

Posture Correction – Postural changes not only include the spine but can originate from the lower limbs which have an impact higher up. Poor postural control leads to the strain on the surrounding ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves and blood vessels. If sustained, structures become overloaded and irritated, leading to pain. We are aware of this at Urban Physio and know that any treatment must start with addressing posture. Posture is assessed both when you sit and stand but also in a functional way, such as walking and running to make sure all muscles are working in the correct manner and one is not inhibiting the other.

Taping – Taping is a common adjunct in the sports world, especially fixation tape. At Urban Physio we also use kinesiology taping, developed in the 1970’s, to enhance the performance of injured or weak muscles whilst still allowing them to rest and heal post injury. Kinesiology taping can be used for most injuries such as back pain, whiplash, muscle tightness or cramp, shoulder pain as well as muscle activation.

Exercise Rehabilitation – We at Urban Physio are aware that benefits of physiotherapy sessions can be short-lived if strengthening and stretching of certain muscles are not continued outside of treatments. All clients who attend treatment at Urban Physio are given a specific and individual exercise and advice programme to ensure they achieve the maximum potential from each session.

Core Retraining and Pilates – is a major part of treatment, especially for those that present with neck and back pain. The ‘core’ muscles of the body are used to stabilise the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle, without adequate strength, endurance and flexibility in the deep spinal muscles, dysfunction in and around the surrounding joints can occur. Core retraining and Pilates are very similar concepts but you are not restricted to one or the other at Urban Physio. We use a mixture of functional retraining, yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and strength and conditioning to ensure your ‘core’ is able to function correctly throughout your day and reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Manual Therapy– manual therapy is a ‘hands-on approach’ from the therapist. It does not just involve joint manipulations, mobilisations and soft tissue releasing. In fact, it is a vast array of techniques that we would use according to your injury and suitability. Manual therapy is primarily used to loosen up areas of the body that have stiffened, providing restriction in movement of joints, and therefore assist in the return to full function following incidences such as whiplash, back pain, shoulder dysfunctions and general joint stiffness.

Electrotherapy – Some forms of electrotherapy are used at Urban Physio to enhance performance, movement, pain and healing such as therapeutic ultrasound. These are always used alongside other adjuncts as required, such as manual therapy, to gain the most from your treatment sessions and return you to full function.

Sports Massage – Massage is composed of various manipulations of the soft tissues, each which will produce certain effects on the underlying structures and on the body in general.
Traditionally deep tissue massage, or sports massage, has been used for years to assist in pain relief, reduce stress, aid muscle recovery, functional performance, muscle and joint flexibility, and healing of injuries – and not just for those who play sports.

At Urban Physio, we can identify tight muscles, scar tissue and trigger points that may potentially cause further pain and injury and provide the correct form of massage or tissue manipulation that suits you and your body best.

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